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Toilet roll converting line consists of toilet roll rewinder, automatic log supply, log cutter, and roll wrapping machine. Not only performance of each machine, also efficient layout of those machines significantly affect production efficiency. We can also offer embossing unit, log accumulator, automatic log sorting unit as optional equipment. Kawanoe propose optimal layouts for the efficient use of space, including optional equipment, that lead directly to higher production efficiency.

Shaft-less mechanism,

Fully automatic non-stop operation

  • Mechatronics integrated system
  • Efficient and space saving
  • Stable and high quality production
  • The ultimate in safety
  • Integrated control on touch panel.

Max. 200 cut/min. Large capacity high speed production

  • Large capacity and high speed production
  • Flexible setting of cutting length of log
  • One-touch adjustment of the clamps
  • Movable log clamp
  • Automatic blade grinding system

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