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Boxed tissue/Kitchen towel converting line consists of tissue interfolder, tissue cutter, and cartoning machine. Many types of layout are possible to match the available installation area and scale of production. Even thin tissue paper can be folded, which reduces cost and allows the use of automated product take-out equipment, which saves on labor in the converting line.

Labor saving and highly efficient
Fully automatic interfolding. Precision center folding and sheet counting

Fully automatic high speed Intefolder IF-21

  • New design and high speed processing
  • Sharp cut ends and long-life blade
  • Accurate, beautiful folding
  • Automatic speed adjusting unreel
  • Applicable to wide range of paper
◆Folding configuration : interfolding ◆Folding roll

Folding mechanism equipped with rotary holding ensures accurate center folding allowing accurate and non-stop interfolding.

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