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Paper is essential to your daily life. KAWANOE’s development capabilities automate six papermaking functions – papermaking, winding, cutting, folding, wrapping, milling.  All of KAWANOE employees take on challenges to develop new machines which satisfy the industry’s demand, such as energy-saving and space-saving, as well as automation. It is our mission to develop innovative machines and satisfy customer needs by our broad range of technological expertise with flexibility.

This one BestFormer yankee paper machine covers the processes of “papermaking”,”drying”,and “wrapping”.
It can produce as much as 500-roll of toilet paper per minute.

Kawanoe Zoki is an industry leader in the development of tissue machines. The “BestFormer” Yankee paper machine that we developed offers uniform sheet formation, boosts production efficiency, has energy-saving specifications, realized superb ease of operation, and is compact in design. Also, the paper quality it produces is unparalleled.

We have also developed and manufactured interfolders, fully automatic roll wrapping machines, and numerous other machines of original design. Our fully automatic random roll wrapping machines for newsprint paper and printing paper have garnered an overwhelming share of the market in Japan.

Kawanoe has always sought feedback on our products from the viewpoint of power consumption so we can produce machines with lower power and thermal energy requirements. We have made constant developmental modifications, aiming for a consistently high level in both quality and economic efficiency. We are also working on new energy-saving designs, utilizing our wealth of experience in numerous technical tie-ups with overseas companies

“Former” is the heart of paper machine. Our BestFormer yankee paper machine has 80% of market share in Japan. Our BestFomer operates at the lowest running cost in the industry while realizing eco-friendly.

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