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Integrated production system - Kawanoe Zoki conducts all of the processes until machine starts up at customer site. We asses customer needs, then design, manufacture, and install. The key is close integration between each process.
Our technical and comprehensive strength coming from our commitment to integrated production system provide customers with best solutions.

Kawanoe’s production begins from engineering. Based on the customer’s needs, optimal machine design will be created considering efficiency and safety. Mechanical engineer, electric engineer, sales staff and, manufacturing staff make frequent and close contacts to pursue the best quality products fully satisfies the customer. Our engineer always participate in test-run and machine start-up after machine completion in order to check the machine fully satisfies its specifications.

We use a CAD/CAM system to immediately inform manufacturing staff of the ideas of design staff, and also we introduce the latest machining facilities for automated production. For delicate fine-tuning, or welding and grinding of small parts, our highly skilled technicians conduct finishing by hand. Kawanoe’s thorough pursuit of quality extends to areas that are not visible. Skilled work is performed inside the roll and even on the tiniest components. The machines produced by Kawanoe Zoki reflect the sprit of craftsmanchip that is central to the Japanese tradition. We are certified according to ISO-9001, and exercise strict quality control of our products.

Our work does not end at machine completion. After machine delivery to the customer, our maintenance personnel make regular visits to check on the machines and provide attentive after-sale services. Attentive maintenance not only extends the life of a machine, but it prevents trouble, ensures stable operation, and helps to greatly reduce potential costs. We also provide a “YD grinding service” for Yankee dryers, at customer’s site.

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